advanced data processing GmbH


  • high volume database management, data mining and data visualization
- optimized database design for fast high volume data storage and retrieval
- high performance solutions with Oracle, MS SqlServer, MySql, PostgreSql and SQLite  databases
  • consulting for data processing
- correlation, cluster analysis and feature extraction
- linear / nonlinear dynamic modelling, prediction and fault detection
- theoretical and experimental parameter and model estimation
- algorithms for parameter and model adaptation
  • control loop analysis and design
- control loop analysis (e.g. time behaviour, disturbances, feedback/feedforward analysis, process models)
- synthesis of the control loop (structure, algorithm, parameter)
- validation and adaptation of commercial software solutions
  • development of end-user software and software components
- software solutions for Microsoft Windows using MS C#, C++, ASP.Net and VB.Net
- rapid prototyping solutions using MATLAB and Java
- software for microcontrollers (Motorola 68xx) with C and Assembler
- high speed high volume data charting and database oriented web presentation (ASP.Net, JavaScript, Ajax)
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